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cocktail served in tiki glass with umbrella and curly straw

Tiki Cocktails

HH = $8 Happy Hour (Friday 5-7 PM)
☠ = High ABV%
OO = Ohana Original

House Mojito HH

Our preferred mix of aged Dominican Rum and White Haitian Rum. Sugar cane syrup, lime, mint, soda water, and a cane sugar stick.

Chi Chi HH

Pineapple, lemon, coconut, toasted almond, and vodka. Simple and sweet. Perfect for a day on the pool deck of your imaginary cruise ship.

Mai Thai

In Tahiti, “Maita’i” means “good.” With a diverse blend of rums, toasted almond and lime, the Mai Tai is a tropical must have.

Saturn Cocktail

Navy Strength Gin is the star in this exotic drink. Nutty, floral and fruit with tart passionfruit, lemon and falernum.

Ti’ Punch

Martinique’s national cocktail. Funky, grassy rhum agricole with a splash of cane sugar and a muddled lime wedge.

‘Nana Brew OO

Juicy pineapple and lime collide with rich coconut cream, banana, and dark cacao. A dash of coffee cuts the sweetness. Your tastebuds will rejoice! Trust us.

151 Swizzle

A threat to sobriety. A hefty dose of Guyanese 151 rum, and others are subdued with house pomegranate syrup, lime, and a touch of absinthe to soften the blow.

Dark N’ Stormy HH

A Bermuda classic. Featuring a blend of Caribbean rums, and dark, rich Blackstrap Molasses rum combined with spicy ginger and lime.

House Daiquiri HH

A perfect balance of Haitian Rhum, lime, and sugar. The Holy Trinity of Caribbean cocktails.

Nui Nui

Our adaptation of a lost tropical recipe. Citrus, spice, and vanilla make this silky cocktail stand out with reason.

Feat. Rum Old Fashioned

Old Fashioneds aren’t just for whiskey. Ask your server about our current concoction.

Fernet Colada OO

The loved Italian amaro makes an appearance along side funky Jamaican rum, and coconut in this herbaceous, bitter-sweet concoction.

Hurricane Ivan

An elevated take on the New Orleans staple. A blend of light, dark, and overproof rums. Passionfruit, lemon, orange, and a touch of pomegranate. Juicy and very boozy.

Zombie ☠☠

A Frankenstein of a drink for the experienced. A lethal combo of rums with lime, grapefruit, and secret island spices. No more than two per customer or you’ll become “the walking dead.”

Scorpion Bowl

A bowl of deliciousness created to share. Rum, gin, cognac, orange, lime, almond, and bitters topped with a shot of 151. Watch out for the sting tomorrow morning.
Serves 2-3


Choice of: Snaquiri, Shot o’ Grog

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